Click here to download the SBEP Solar Flyer

Now is the best time to GO SOLAR!

Did you know?

  • You can go solar even if you live in a condo or rental unit.
  • You can go solar even if you have a shady or slate roof.
  • You can switch to solar for the same cost (or less) as your current power bill by choosing a membership or lease option.
  • You can help our schools go solar. For each new South Burlington home solar system in 2015 and 2016, these installers will make a donation (which can be $200 or more per installation) towards a SB school solar system.

Hurry! School solar donation bonus expires at the end of 2016!VT_Solar

Download the Solar Options as a 1-page PDF for easy reference.

Note: the City of South Burlington has not pre-qualified any of the participating Solar Installers nor does the City warrant or guarantee their work or the equipment.  It is up to each individual resident to evaluate the installer they plan to work with. Any other installer wishing to participate in contributing to the SB school solar project for each new SB residential solar customer should contact or