Did you know that Vermont uses about $2,000,000 worth of Gas, Diesel Fuel and Heating oil? It is an astounding number! Just imagine how much better our state economy would be if that money was spend here.

If you look just at transportation fuels, they are the largest contributor to our state’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions!

The Energy Prize is expanding our scope to help our residents find ways better ways to get where they need to be. Please join us on this next leg of our Journey.


Let’s take these easy steps together.

Watch How You Drive:

  • Don’t be a Lead Foot = zooming off from a stop light to the next light wastes gas – it takes a lot of energy to get your car going!

  • If you can see you will need to stop ahead, coast to the stop = when you use your brakes you waste the energy that you spent to get the car moving.

  • Don’t idle when waiting (you won’t melt or freeze if it’s only a few minutes!) = Your car gets 0 mpg when idling

Take Care of your Car:

  • Keep your Tires Properly Inflated –Your car will roll more easily and your family will be safer

  • Keep up with the Manufacturers Recommended Maintenance – your car will run at its best

Plan Your Trips:

  • Combine your Trips to Reduce Miles Traveled

  • Do Errands on your way Home from Work

Consider Alternatives

  • Bike or Walk instead of Driving

  • Take the Bus to Work if You Can– many of us have a bus stop near our house

  • Try an Electric Bike – you get some exercise and it really helps on the hills!

  • Find Someone to Carpool with to Work – or maybe from another company near your work

  • Carpool Neighborhood Kids to School & Sports

  • Reconsider Driving your Son or Daughter to School if they can take the School Bus


  • Airplanes use an amazing amount of energy. Perhaps you could spend more time for each vacation but take fewer of them.

  • Take your most fuel efficient car on driving vacations. Look closely at all the stuff you think you need to take with you and maybe you could take a smaller more efficient car.

Travel for Work:

  • Ask your boss if this trip could be done with an online meeting to save your company money, your travel time and travel expense and of course produce less CO2.