Don’t miss these Energy-Saving deals that pay you back!


Save $500

Energy Audit

A home energy audit is THE BEST way to learn how, why, and where your home is losing energy, and how to fix it. The process is easier than you think, and you’ll end up with a plan to improve comfort, make your bills more manageable, and you’ll learn a ton from the local pros.

Do you heat with Natural Gas? Take advantage of Vermont Gas Systems’ (VGS) award-winning audit and weatherization program. If you qualify (use enough gas annually) the audit

is free and they will provide a 33% rebate for many of their recommended upgrades. For rentals the rebate is even higher! Get started here. You may also qualify to finance the rest at a low interest rate. Contact VGS for info about their weatherization program at 802-863-4511 ext. 321 or go to

If you don’t qualify for the Vermont Gas program or if you use other home heating fuels like oil or propane, contact Efficiency Vermont at 888-921-5990 or go to for more information. For home audit information look under “Audits, Insulation and Airsealing” (midway down the page on the right), which explains their program and rebates. You can also find a list of Efficiency Vermont approved auditors and contractors. This program provides Energy Audits for a fee but also provides for significant rebates for efficiency upgrades (up to $2,000).


Save $150

Low Flow Shower Head

low flow shower head

You may be sending your hard-earned dollars down the drain without even knowing it. New low-flow shower heads have a great spray pattern for a comfortable, effective shower while cutting water usage in half. Upgrading saves you money in two ways: using less water lowers you water bill, and you’ll also heat less water which saves on your water heating bill which is usually electric, gas, or propane. You’ll pay back the cost of the shower head in a month and the savings continue forever. Ask at your favorite hardware store for their recommendation. Cost starts at only $10.


Save $120

Programmable Thermostat

programmable thermostat

If you still have a manual thermostat, you are probably missing out on a huge opportunity to save big on your heating bills. By lowering the temperature when you are not around, a programmable thermostat saves you energy and money. During the setback period when you are away or asleep, your house loses heat slower than if it was fully warm, so your total energy use goes down. For even more capabilities like smart phone enabled temperature monitoring and control, and automatic temperature control, consider a smart thermostat. Ask at your favorite hardware store for their recommendation. Cost for a programmable thermostat starts at only $35. Learn more >>


Save $100

LED light bulbsLED

New LED light bulbs have amazing color quality, instant-on brightness, long life, full dimming capability, and they use about 1/6 the power of a standard incandescent bulb. Replacing just 10 incandescent bulbs with LEDs can save $100 EVERY YEAR! Plus less climbing on a ladder to change burned out bulbs. Also available at your favorite hardware store, starting at just $2 each.


Save $50

Power Stripspower strip

Your electronics are sucking power even when you are not using them! Take control and cut the waste by putting a power strip on your entertainment center and plugging in your TV, stereo, game systems, DVD player, etc. When you are not using them, simply flip the switch to make sure they are totally off. You can also use a power strip on your computer, printer, monitor, cable modem, and router to stop the energy waste while you are sleeping. Just switch it off when you go to bed for big, easy savings. Power strips and smart power strips are available at your favorite hardware store, starting at about $5 each.


Save Even More

You can even unplug or get rid of a spare refrigerator to save $150 and it’s free!