Congratulations to Richard Wolbach who submitted the winning caption! “Birds of a feather, save energy together!”

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This contest ran until the end of October, 2015.


Update November 10, 2015: We have chosen a winner from all the entries, and we’ll be publishing it soon! Here are all the amazing captions that creative people submitted:

1) Put more eggs in your basket, switch to energy efficient bulbs.
2) It takes three chickens, but only one of you.
3) The lay up to energy efficiency.
4) Did he say guaranteed to Lower Egg Demand or Lower Electricity Demand?
5) Upgrade energy efficiency light bulbs,before the chickens (come to roost).
6) Instant energy savings, easy to install, chickens not included.
7) Savings from switching to LED bulbs changes eggs from white to gold.
8) Energy wise is hen wise.
9) Three way switch for 3x the savings.
10) The sky ain’t falling but the temperature is rising. Be energy efficient.
11) Look, we’ll help you reduce your electric bill, you help us reduce our Easter quota.
12) If the Colonel could only see us now, with our energy savings recipe.
13) Installing nest eggs.
14) The rooster may crow, but the hen gets the job done with less energy.
15) Why did the chickens switch to energy efficient bulbs”
They didn’t want to appear as dumb clucks.
16) Stop hatching rooster eggs. Switch to energy efficient bulbs.
17) No need to let the fox guard the electric hen house.
18) Birds of a feather, save energy together — with new LED lamps!
19) Henny Penny saves her pennies
20) What’s in your Hen House?
21) It’s good to be chicken. An energy-saving ‘egg’ in every socket in town!
22) Tired of crossing the road, the chickens had a brighter idea.
23) The coop becomes a co-op.
24) Why did the chicken cross the road? To go and save some energy with LED light bulbs
25) Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the better bulb
26) How many chickens does it take to change a light bulb?
27) Happy are the chickens three
using LED lightbulbs
because they could “see”
Saving energy is the key
to open the door to efficiency
28) “…All ‘Light’ Ladies, these are One ‘(Hen)dred’ percent energy saving bulbs.”
29) “…Nothing Cookoo about these birds. They are saving energy.”
30) “Hey, These bulbs just ‘cluck’ right in.”
31) How many chickens does it take to change a lightbulb? 3 after they cross the road in their PRIUS.
32) Old McDonald had a farm..ei ei oh. And on that farm they used LED bulbs! Ei ei oh! With an LED bulb
here and an LED bulb a bulb, there a bulb, everywhere an LED bulb. Ei ei oh!!
33) Cock-a-doodle-doo you can save too!!
34) Working together we can have the most energy efficient coop on the block!
35) “LEDs: For Those That Give a Cluck.”
36) Electric chickens
37) Don’t be such a “chicken.” Try new LED lamps, today!
38) I don’t give a CLUCK about those old bulbs!
39) It’a about clucking time…let’s do this!!

hens leds cartoon


Birds of a feather, save energy together!