What is the $5 Million Energy Prize?

Georgetown University launched the Georgetown University Energy Prize—a first-of-its-kind, $5 million incentive prize—awarded to the community that leads the way in energy efficiency in the U.S. The Prize challenges participating communities to tap their imagination and creativity, and work together with their local governments, residents, and utilities toward a shared goal of continually reducing energy consumption. In short:

  • Georgetown University Energy Prize (GUEP) is a 2-year national energy efficiency/conservation competition. From January 2015 – December 2016 we implement energy efficiency programs in South Burlington.
  • The winning community will receive $5 million to spend on energy efficiency projects that benefit the entire community and is chosen based on actual energy reduction and on how innovative, replicable, and scalable our programs are.

South Burlington Energy Prize Interview on WCAX

Why is South Burlington participating?

  • Reduced municipal/school energy means lower taxes
  • Less money spent on energy means more money in local economy and improved financial stability of residents
  • Improved air quality, energy security, self-reliance
  • Unite the community around a common goal that we can all participate in and benefit from
  • We can win $5 million to spend on energy efficiency/conservation projects that benefit the community (Dream big!)

What has been done so far?

  • City Council signed and submitted Letter Of Intent to participate and our application in June 2014
  • In August 2014 South Burlington was selected to advance to the Quarterfinalist round of the Georgetown University Energy Prize
  • We submitted our Program Plan in November 2014, and were selected as a Semifinalist in January 2015
  • Built strong support from partners: Efficiency Vermont, Green Mountain Power, Vermont Gas, and School District
  • We are currently implementing our energy efficiency programs, recruiting volunteers, and doing public outreach

What are the plans?

  • We design and implement programs that reduce municipal, school, and residential electric and natural gas usage
  • Build community awareness of energy and motivate individuals take action on energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy
  • Implement municipal policies and regulations that drive energy efficiency, conservation, and local renewable energy generation
  • Involve a large number of stakeholders, to have a broad reach and strong community ownership
  • Download our 65-page Program Plan for more details