What is the Real Energy Prize?

You may have heard that South Burlington didn’t win the $5,000,000 Georgetown University Energy Prize. The South Burlington Energy Committee feels that our residents did achieve a remarkable prize –  saving our residents $750,000 a year on their natural gas and electric bills. Over time this will add up to $5,000,000 and more. They did this while achieving an even more important goal – reducing our community’s impact on climate change!

Our schools and city government along with thousands of our residents jumped in and worked on making simple changes in their lives that achieved substantial savings. Some went even further and made substantial energy efficiency upgrades by getting an energy audit and then weatherizing their homes. If you are new to our website or an old hand, go back to the home page and click on Quick Tips for Your Home to see what steps you can take to reduce your dependence on fossil fuel.

In South Burlington, as in all communities in Vermont, transportation is the largest contributor to harmful greenhouse gases but it also has a very large impact your family’s monthly budget. Because of our community’s success in making our homes more energy efficient we are moving on to helping our residents find ways to reduce the impact of their transportation choices. For transportation efficiency ideas, go back to the home page and click on Quick Tips for Transportation to see ideas to further reduce your dependence on fossil fuel.

So, the Prize is all about South Burlington being a leader in the work to reduce harmful greenhouse gases and demonstrating to other communities that they can too. We plan to continue this important work and in the process save our residents money for other important uses that may bolster the local economy while helping to insulate ourselves from disruptive price swings in fossil fuels—all the while building a greater sense of community.